Feel good

Take a deep breath, let go. Consciously take a break from everyday life, without watching at the clock. Enjoy the peace and quiet; find yourself. Relaxing is easy in the Chalet’s private spa area.

Pauses are part of the music

An adventurous day is over. So many impressions and memorable moments. Now it’s time to gently wind down in your own holiday home. The relaxation room on the ground floor is bathed in soft light. Watch the flames dancing in the stove. Relax in the steam room and Finnish sauna. Take a relaxing bath in the large bathtub or a hot shower. Rest on the gently rippling waterbed with a delicious cup of tea. What a wonderful feeling.

Soothing steam bath

The gentle warmth penetrates deeply. Fine water vapour envelops you, cleansing your body and soul. The aromas of essential oils open up the airways. A steam bath is relaxing and at the same time gently invigorating.

Relaxing sauna

The heat in the Finnish sauna initially stimulates the body and immune system. Then comes delicious relaxation. Muscles lose their tension, the mind clears and serenity returns.

Treat yourself
to some time out.